Almost Complete Guide for Black-Owned Subscription Boxes

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This post was last updated 1/18/2018 as new black-owned subscription boxes were found.  There were a few that I did not add to this list because their websites aren’t live yet.  All descriptions below are taken directly from each website.

This is a great way to start 2018 by supporting small black-owned businesses.

Be sure to share the word about Black-Owned Business.

Beauty & Hair

    1. CurlKit – is your hair care test drive that delivers fresh, organic product samples right to your door every month for practically nothing. No more wasted gas, no more confusion, just a simple kit, loaded with samples, wrapped in a cute box, delivered in a flash.   Monthly Memberships start at $20.
    2. curlBOX – an exclusive, affordable and effortless way to explore hair care products delivered to your doorstep each month. Memberships start at $20 per month.
    3. ONYXBOX –  get brown-girl-friendly makeup, hair, skincare & nail products worth over $70 delivered straight to your doorstep each month!  Memberships start at $25 per month.
    4. Cocotique – 6-8 beauty surprises plus a 1-year email subscription to Hype Hair Magazine. Memberships start at $20 per month.
    5. CurlMix – DIY box for curly hair.  All-Natural. Handmade. Curly Hair Products. Monthly Memberships start at $33.
    6. Naturalista Daily – a monthly subscription box that includes 4-5 full and sample sized all natural and organic health, hair, and beauty products curated specially for Naturalistas!  Subscriptions start at $25.
    7. HuesBox – full-scale community created to connect people of color interested in all things health and beauty.  Try products, learn about small businesses, read the stores of others and join the conversation!  Subscription boxes start at $12.00.
    8. EssenceTree Holistic Life –   handcrafted, superfood based skin & haircare line. The subscriptions program is called ReplenishMe. It ensures that you and your family can affordably enjoy healthy and beautiful skin. Monthly subscription boxes start at $10.

Sat Ra Body Butter from EssenceTree

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#BuyBlack is still the goal

Although I haven’t blogged in some time (months), #BuyBlack, #SupportBlackOwnedBusinesses is still my goal.

The blog hiatus (read: False Start) has to do with all the other pressures I deal with in today’s society.  Dealing with racism, discrimination and unfair practices in everyday life is draining.  I want my people to win and I need to get focused.  This will be a place that I support black owned businesses because that’s my mission.

  • I want to advertise and buy from black owned companies.
  • I want to educate anyone needing information on business, finance and the like.
  • I just want black people in general to win and get the information they need.
  • I want to help black people find black owned businesses.
  • I want to stop rambling and get moving.

Ok. so this was a random post but something to get me back into the swing of things.  Until then, check out the directories page.  This will help you find black owned businesses you can buy from right now to prepare for Christmas.

Our dollars move mountains.

#BlackHistoryMonth You’re Woke

stay wokeOk.. So you woke up. Not this morning but to the issues affecting black people. You’re realizing that you’re no longer satisfied with the whitewashing of our history.  You’re frustrated with seeing black people demonized in the media.  You want to do something, but don’t know where you can make a difference.

Let me tell you…there is no wrong way to help the community.  If you’re truly in it to help black people….your people…your work will make a difference. PERIOD.

For me, it’s black business. I created this blog to help black people find black owned businesses.  There are great directories already available.  But it takes some google searches to find them all.  I want to help you find black business.  I want to incorporate black owned business products and services into our daily lives.   Ensuring I am at least trying to find a black owned business FIRST before I spend anywhere else.

For others, it could be using their knowledge of finances to help other black people and families build wealth. Some have the ability to protest and extend our voice out into the world. Others have visions of non-profits that can help a segment of our community. While others can tell our story to everyone.  If you’re a black police officer, it’s community engagement and standing against police culture of bias.

There is no wrong way to help black people..our people. We excel at multi tasking. There is no need to only focus on one representation of injustice. We should focus on all. So, now that you’re woke, what are you going to do?

January Check In


Some of the packages received for Christmas from Black-Owned Businesses.

So, its been over a month since I’ve started this project.  I have a lot of plans for 2016 and beyond to really focus on #blackbusiness.  This is a personal blog as well as something to help fellow Black/African-Americans/Americans (however you classify) find black-owned businesses.

I want to at least post all the pictures of the Christmas gifts I got for friends and family before month-end.  But I work full-time while also trying to work on this space.

While I wasn’t able to buy 100% black owned, I was able to buy at least 75%.  I got a late start on this idea and didn’t start shopping until October.  Since many of these businesses are online and small businesses, some of the shops started to close for the holidays.   I ordered from about 10 different shops…and I’ll list them all in an official post about it. Continue reading

It’s December 2015 and #buyblack guides!

It is now officially December and if you haven’t done so already, you better be making your shopping list of items for Black Owned Businesses.
Buying Black is a commitment because many of us may not live in areas that actually have a black owned business.  It will take effort to assist in keeping our money within Black business to generate the economic growth we need!
So…you will have to do your shopping online for the most part.  That’s ok! COMMIT TO IT. Even if you support 1 company this season, that’s better than zero. But, it would be great if you can support more.  So to make it easier, I’ve compiled a short (emphasis on short) list of directories to start that shopping list!  I originally posted this on my Facebook page,but figured this needs a blog post.

Directories of black owned business. – directory had 1300+ businesses listed – market place that sells products from black owned businesses. – this is a blog but she has a recent post with 200+ businesses – comic books by or with black people
It is not too late to start shopping from these companies, order within the next week or so and you should get your items before Christmas.
Be sure to Like, share and shop to help spread the word of #buyblack.

Cremas Absalon…so delicious

Cremas AbsalonI ordered 2 bottles of Cremas Absalon Original.  One to give as a Christmas gift and another to keep. As we just recently moved (6 months is recent, right?) into a new home we’re working on stocking our alcohol cabinet.  What respectable adult doesn’t have one….

Cremas Absalon was founded by Charlene Absalon LLC in 2013. Cremas Absalon tastes like a dessert liquor.  It was perfect after dinner drink.  It has a thick consistency so I poured over ice.  My husband however, added Pepsi to it which made it taste like a cream soda.  Which wasn’t bad at all.  

I absolutely loved the flavor of this drink.  You can taste the vanilla and nutmeg but neither are overpowering.  It is a cross between an egg nog (minus the egg) and irish cream.  

The description on their website says “Cremas Absalon is a smooth 2015-11-20 19.51.47Haitian cream liqueur made with sweet condensed milk and hints or nutmeg and vanilla.”   

Cremas Absalon also offers another flavor, Kafe, as well as Ice Cream.  Ice Cream is only for pick up only though.   

As far as I can tell, Cremas Absalon doesn’t have a physical store.  At least, one isn’t listed on their website.  However, it appears that they’re in the New York City area.  

The bottles of the Original were $25 each plush shipping.  I will be purchasing this again.


I spent most of my Tuesday evening searching and buying products from black owned businesses.  Thanks to Official Black Wallstreet, it made my search a lot easier.  

HOWEVER, as I was reviewing several websites, you can’t tell that they are black owned.  So, this makes the whole #buyblack movement difficult.  While I want to take the word of OBW, I also want to confirm that the company is STILL black owned.  Many of the ‘about’ pages don’t feature the owner or hold images that reflect more non blacks.  

So, I guess therein lies the double edge sword.  You want people to buy black but you don’t want people to discriminate because you’re black owned.  

How do we find you?  While OBW is doing an amazing job at making a directory of black owned businesses, I’m certain that there are MANY not listed because they don’t know about that site.  I didn’t know about the site until I started doing google searches to start this project.  

My goal is to find those businesses and make others aware of the amazing products/services offered by black people.