Almost Complete Guide for Black-Owned Subscription Boxes

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This post was last updated 1/18/2018 as new black-owned subscription boxes were found.  There were a few that I did not add to this list because their websites aren’t live yet.  All descriptions below are taken directly from each website.

This is a great way to start 2018 by supporting small black-owned businesses.

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Beauty & Hair

    1. CurlKit – is your hair care test drive that delivers fresh, organic product samples right to your door every month for practically nothing. No more wasted gas, no more confusion, just a simple kit, loaded with samples, wrapped in a cute box, delivered in a flash.   Monthly Memberships start at $20.
    2. curlBOX – an exclusive, affordable and effortless way to explore hair care products delivered to your doorstep each month. Memberships start at $20 per month.
    3. ONYXBOX –  get brown-girl-friendly makeup, hair, skincare & nail products worth over $70 delivered straight to your doorstep each month!  Memberships start at $25 per month.
    4. Cocotique – 6-8 beauty surprises plus a 1-year email subscription to Hype Hair Magazine. Memberships start at $20 per month.
    5. CurlMix – DIY box for curly hair.  All-Natural. Handmade. Curly Hair Products. Monthly Memberships start at $33.
    6. Naturalista Daily – a monthly subscription box that includes 4-5 full and sample sized all natural and organic health, hair, and beauty products curated specially for Naturalistas!  Subscriptions start at $25.
    7. HuesBox – full-scale community created to connect people of color interested in all things health and beauty.  Try products, learn about small businesses, read the stores of others and join the conversation!  Subscription boxes start at $12.00.
    8. EssenceTree Holistic Life –   handcrafted, superfood based skin & haircare line. The subscriptions program is called ReplenishMe. It ensures that you and your family can affordably enjoy healthy and beautiful skin. Monthly subscription boxes start at $10.

Sat Ra Body Butter from EssenceTree


  1. So Posh Beauty Box – a quarterly subscription box filled with 4  EXCLUSIVE deluxe full size and sample sized luxurious handmade So Posh Beauty products starting at $49.95 per quarter.
  2. Wombology – A safe place for women to heal. Each monthly box includes 4-6 full-size items which can including handmade soap, aromatherapy, apothecary beauty products, superfood snacks, herbal teas, books, handmade jewelry, and more.  Monthly subscription boxes start at $30.
  3. The Bloom Beautifully Box – Every 8 weeks, the Bloom Beautifully box will hit your doorstep, full of self-care goodies in the following categories: beauty, health/wellness and personal development.  a bimonthly subscription box starting at $39.00.

    Bloom Beautifully Box

    Bloom Beautifully Box

  4. My Best Box – essential, high-quality products that cover a broad range of health and wellness areas.  It is a lifestyle brand that helps people jump-start and maintain healthy lifestyles in a way that is convenient and affordable. Subscriptions start at $24.99 per month.
  5. Femly – Get a monthly box filled with natural tampons, pads, menstral cups, body care, snacks, lifestyle items & more.  Starting at $29.99 per month.
  6. It’s in the box – one time shipped boxes or 3 month subscriptions . It’s in the BOX is taking the convenience of home shopping to the next level.   One time boxes start at $20 and Subscriptions start at $60.
  7. Mamabu Box – Each package contains 5-7  thoughtful, fun,  and inspiring treats that conveniently  reminds moms to embrace their unique gifts, passions, and purposes. Starting at $45.95/bi-monthly
  8. Blac Womyn – Each box contain products in fashion, beauty, art, and healthy items. Subscriptions start at $50/quarterly. Or individual boxes ranging from $25-$30.
  9. The Stork Bag – The Stork Bag is the 1st ever reusable pregnancy subscription bag curated with 8-12 products each to meet your trimester and postpartum needs. Quarterly subscriptions start at $40.
  10. CandleLit Box – A monthly subscription service that provides an intimate experience and discovery of Black-owned wellness products for women of color when taking care of ourselves becomes an afterthought.  Monthly subscriptions start at $50.


  1. Ujamaa Box – a monthly subscription box service that exclusively features Black-owned businesses. Monthly subscriptions starting at $25.
  2. Wicce Witch Box – A little magic every month.  Each Box may include: Organic Dried Herbs, candles, handmade loose incense and surprise items.  Subscriptions start at $38.
  3. Founders & Pearls – Founders and Pearls sorority subscription box invests in the Greek woman’s success, happiness, and breakthroughs.  Starting at $24.95 per month.
  4. Color Grind – Every month you will receive 4-6 full-size items exclusively made by people of color. Subscriptions are $34.95 per month.

    My Lit Box

  5. My Lit Box – Each month you’ll  receive a newly release novel by a writer of color as well as  1-2 quality, book related goodies! A book lover’s dream, delivered straight to your mailbox!  Starting at $17 per month.
  6. Homemade Lux – a monthly subscription box containing all the materials you need to make a beautiful home decor project.  Starting at $29.99.
  7. Birthday Lifestyle Box – a quarterly subscription box  that will motivate you to CELEBRATE everyday like it’s your birthday.  $35 per Quarter.
  8. Witches & Company – Choose between either the Oracle subscription or the Black Box Monthly subscription.  Either will help you on your journey.  Subscriptions start at $25.
  9. Tidee Box – A new box launching on February 1. Designed to make your everyday easier by transforming the way you organize and simplify your space.  Sign up to get more information.
  10. The Safety Pin Box – monthly subscription box for white people striving to be allies in the fight for Black Liberation.  Subscriptions start at $25.
  11. Spin Geeks – This is a box that helps people break into the life of indoor cycling/spinning.  Subscriptions start at $39 per month.


  1. Just Like Me – monthly subscription box with 2-3 children’s books featuring characters of color plus fun book swag!  Great for children up to 12 years of age!  Subscriptions are starting at $25.
  2. Bailee’s Nail Box – Each box is a different nail design. Your little girl will want to collect them all and make great memories. Individual boxes start at $14.99 and Party Pack Box start at $169.
  3. Heritage Box – Specially curated to provide a rich cultural understanding, open children’s eyes up to the beauty and magnificence of Africa , and to keep children excited about learning more about themselves.  Subscriptions start at $35.99.


  1. Bevel – provides premium grooming products & services, designed to help reduce razor bumps & skin irritation.  Quarterly price varies based on which shave system you subscribe to.
  2. Dapper Black Box – Introducing the first and only subscription service for the conscious gentleman.   Monthly subscriptions start at $28.

Like, Comment and Share.  Let us know which black-owned subscription boxes you want to try.  Or tell us about any that may be missing.  Also, check out our business directory to find other black-owned businesses.

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  1. Tenaya says:

    Hi, Your site is awesome. Thanks for this list. I’m a WOC and own the retail candle store Wicked Flame. We manufacture natural candles and vegan bath & body products. In addition to our shops, our luxe candle & spa subscription box delivers artisan products monthly. We’d love to be added to your list too. Thank you.

  2. Lauren Elliott says:

    I’m a WOC who owns CandleLit Box. We’re a lifestyle and wellness subscription service for women of color and I’d love to be added to this list. Feel free to check us out at Thanks!

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