#BlackHistoryMonth You’re Woke

stay wokeOk.. So you woke up. Not this morning but to the issues affecting black people. You’re realizing that you’re no longer satisfied with the whitewashing of our history.  You’re frustrated with seeing black people demonized in the media.  You want to do something, but don’t know where you can make a difference.

Let me tell you…there is no wrong way to help the community.  If you’re truly in it to help black people….your people…your work will make a difference. PERIOD.

For me, it’s black business. I created this blog to help black people find black owned businesses.  There are great directories already available.  But it takes some google searches to find them all.  I want to help you find black business.  I want to incorporate black owned business products and services into our daily lives.   Ensuring I am at least trying to find a black owned business FIRST before I spend anywhere else.

For others, it could be using their knowledge of finances to help other black people and families build wealth. Some have the ability to protest and extend our voice out into the world. Others have visions of non-profits that can help a segment of our community. While others can tell our story to everyone.  If you’re a black police officer, it’s community engagement and standing against police culture of bias.

There is no wrong way to help black people..our people. We excel at multi tasking. There is no need to only focus on one representation of injustice. We should focus on all. So, now that you’re woke, what are you going to do?

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