#BuyBlack is still the goal

Although I haven’t blogged in some time (months), #BuyBlack, #SupportBlackOwnedBusinesses is still my goal.

The blog hiatus (read: False Start) has to do with all the other pressures I deal with in today’s society.  Dealing with racism, discrimination and unfair practices in everyday life is draining.  I want my people to win and I need to get focused.  This will be a place that I support black owned businesses because that’s my mission.

  • I want to advertise and buy from black owned companies.
  • I want to educate anyone needing information on business, finance and the like.
  • I just want black people in general to win and get the information they need.
  • I want to help black people find black owned businesses.
  • I want to stop rambling and get moving.

Ok. so this was a random post but something to get me back into the swing of things.  Until then, check out the directories page.  This will help you find black owned businesses you can buy from right now to prepare for Christmas.

Our dollars move mountains.

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