I spent most of my Tuesday evening searching and buying products from black owned businesses.  Thanks to Official Black Wallstreet, it made my search a lot easier.  

HOWEVER, as I was reviewing several websites, you can’t tell that they are black owned.  So, this makes the whole #buyblack movement difficult.  While I want to take the word of OBW, I also want to confirm that the company is STILL black owned.  Many of the ‘about’ pages don’t feature the owner or hold images that reflect more non blacks.  

So, I guess therein lies the double edge sword.  You want people to buy black but you don’t want people to discriminate because you’re black owned.  

How do we find you?  While OBW is doing an amazing job at making a directory of black owned businesses, I’m certain that there are MANY not listed because they don’t know about that site.  I didn’t know about the site until I started doing google searches to start this project.  

My goal is to find those businesses and make others aware of the amazing products/services offered by black people. 

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