Cremas Absalon…so delicious

Cremas AbsalonI ordered 2 bottles of Cremas Absalon Original.  One to give as a Christmas gift and another to keep. As we just recently moved (6 months is recent, right?) into a new home we’re working on stocking our alcohol cabinet.  What respectable adult doesn’t have one….

Cremas Absalon was founded by Charlene Absalon LLC in 2013. Cremas Absalon tastes like a dessert liquor.  It was perfect after dinner drink.  It has a thick consistency so I poured over ice.  My husband however, added Pepsi to it which made it taste like a cream soda.  Which wasn’t bad at all.  

I absolutely loved the flavor of this drink.  You can taste the vanilla and nutmeg but neither are overpowering.  It is a cross between an egg nog (minus the egg) and irish cream.  

The description on their website says “Cremas Absalon is a smooth 2015-11-20 19.51.47Haitian cream liqueur made with sweet condensed milk and hints or nutmeg and vanilla.”   

Cremas Absalon also offers another flavor, Kafe, as well as Ice Cream.  Ice Cream is only for pick up only though.   

As far as I can tell, Cremas Absalon doesn’t have a physical store.  At least, one isn’t listed on their website.  However, it appears that they’re in the New York City area.  

The bottles of the Original were $25 each plush shipping.  I will be purchasing this again.

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