It’s December 2015 and #buyblack guides!

It is now officially December and if you haven’t done so already, you better be making your shopping list of items for Black Owned Businesses.
Buying Black is a commitment because many of us may not live in areas that actually have a black owned business.  It will take effort to assist in keeping our money within Black business to generate the economic growth we need!
So…you will have to do your shopping online for the most part.  That’s ok! COMMIT TO IT. Even if you support 1 company this season, that’s better than zero. But, it would be great if you can support more.  So to make it easier, I’ve compiled a short (emphasis on short) list of directories to start that shopping list!  I originally posted this on my Facebook page,but figured this needs a blog post.

Directories of black owned business. – directory had 1300+ businesses listed – market place that sells products from black owned businesses. – this is a blog but she has a recent post with 200+ businesses – comic books by or with black people
It is not too late to start shopping from these companies, order within the next week or so and you should get your items before Christmas.
Be sure to Like, share and shop to help spread the word of #buyblack.

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