January Check In


Some of the packages received for Christmas from Black-Owned Businesses.

So, its been over a month since I’ve started this project.  I have a lot of plans for 2016 and beyond to really focus on #blackbusiness.  This is a personal blog as well as something to help fellow Black/African-Americans/Americans (however you classify) find black-owned businesses.

I want to at least post all the pictures of the Christmas gifts I got for friends and family before month-end.  But I work full-time while also trying to work on this space.

While I wasn’t able to buy 100% black owned, I was able to buy at least 75%.  I got a late start on this idea and didn’t start shopping until October.  Since many of these businesses are online and small businesses, some of the shops started to close for the holidays.   I ordered from about 10 different shops…and I’ll list them all in an official post about it.


So, this book…no..the author, Maggie Anderson, was the inspiration for this move to #buyblack.  I saw her TED Talk was the inspiration for this move.  I felt that we also have a responsibility.  If we are able to support black businesses in any capacity, we should.  We should help our dollars stay within our community for as long as possible.  While our journey won’t be as strict to limit to only black businesses.  Our focus is to try to find a black business FIRST before we go elsewhere.  If we can replace items with back businesses, we’re putting our funds back into the community.


If you haven’t seen Maggie’s presentation at Ted Talks, watch below.



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