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happy black womanToday I was in a webinar hosted by Happy Black Womans own Rosetta Thurman.  This webinar happened to come across my Instagram feed today.  Since it was free and run by a black woman, I signed up immediately.

The webinar was titled “Quit your job in 24 months or less”.  That title alone drew me in.  The idea of quitting my day job and pursing a passion full-time that will pay me, I’m here for it.This webinar was scheduled to begin at 7.  Now, mind you, this was my first webinar I’ve attended for my own personal interests.  I’ve been in plenty for work…and this webinar flowed more smoothly than any others I’ve been on for the corporate world.  In the 90 minutes Rosetta covered her own journey and how others are able to follow the same path to achieve the dream of quitting their job.

What she said was really no different than what most people already know.  But what she does well is help you think more deeply about why you haven’t explored your idea further.  We all have a business idea in our heads but we have too much FEAR in us to get started.  This is one thing she pointed out.

Another aspect is positive thinking.  Instead of asking the question “I wish I could do that”, you really need to ask yourself “How can I do that?”.  Changing that around makes you give deep thought into what steps are necessary to achieve that business goal.

My own goal is to be an entrepreneur/small business owner.  We once had an embroidery business and I had to stop.  My husband was in the military and he was 50% of operations.  I wasn’t in a financial position to take it on full time but we were doing well.  Meaning we were breaking even after 2 years of business.  We were well on our way to crossing that threshold.  But my full-time employment and his deployment halted a lot of plans.  We’re not 4 years away from that part of our life and we still talk about getting our business back up and running.  Yet we haven’t started.

My other goal is something I’m currently working on.  Promoting, buying and supporting black owned businesses.  This website and all my social media accounts started based on one simple idea.  I ran with it after that.  I don’t know where this idea may lead, but I’m proud of where I’m at.

But I think the most valuable advice she gave was about the 10 different income streams and how many hours you need to dedicate to your business.

20 hours per week will be needed and below are the 10 streams that can increase your income in the near future.

  1. Freelancing
  2. Consulting
  3. Speaking
  4. Training
  5. Coaching
  6. Online Courses
  7. Live Events
  8. Books/eBooks
  9. Physical Products
  10. Blogging/Podcasts

So – What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

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